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Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles, #1) - Amelia Hutchins I was definitely overloaded with this one. Toward the end everything moved so fast even my mind couldn't get it. Anyway, I always love good paranormal romance. This one slaked my thirst for it. I thank Amelia for this wonderful journey.

I always had a thing for cave-man-like-alpha-males. If you love this kind of character, Ryder definitely is the one for you. Sometimes I felt compassionate towards him but he definitely made me angry most of the time. Couldn't understand is he good guy or not? And his action toward the heroine was definitely uncool. Even sometimes cruel.

Syn surely can be describe as kiss-ass-heroine. She is the best Witch in their circle. They are human, not undead but they have the power of magic. This makes the fights dirty, right? Both of them are bullheaded, wants to get what they want. This time, Syn is the one stepping back. Ryder is a powerful Fae - they feed from sex and are immortal - , a prince and is use to always getting what he wants that's include Syn.

So when Witch and Fae alike are found dead, Ryder requests the best person in the Guild. Even if Syn is the one, something definitely is different with her. When she is around he has strong feelings and wants to make her his. Forever.

A Killer is out there and they want to put a stop him/her, but they can't keep their hand each other long enough to do it.

Is Sye a strong enough to fight with this? Can lust conquer all? You can find the answers in the book! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Why four star?

I wish the writer made me feel more sorrow in a few scene. I really feel the lust between them and sex scene definitely hot. But I need to feel pain and sorrow as much I need to feel passion. And somehow it bothers me when Ryder speaks vulgar so often. I'm believe it just the way he acts. Otherwordly as he is.

This is me when I fnished;


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